Noob: Help designing Architecture for custom form-builders


As one of my personal projects for practice, I want to create a form
builder application that is similar to what Wufoo is offering. However I
could not figure out how I can build the equivalent in RoR and would
appreciate some guidance on this issue. I’m a newbie to programming, so
please pardon me if I’m too verbose in explaining my problem.

How would I go about designing the architecture? Should I create a model
for my users, and a controller method that creates a new model for an
individual user when they have saved their forms? The problem I have
trouble grasping with, is that unlike traditional applications where we
would normally predefine the column values for each model, it appears
that each user will have their own separate database for each
form they create after they click on the save button. Thus wouldn’t I
need to create a controller under the user model, in order to create a
new model for each new form that the user create?

Seeking your advice on this issue. Please let me know if any of my
explanations is not clear. :slight_smile:

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