Non-index method doesn't display the viex correctly

Hi there.

I have a problem with the view of the method related to the same

I have two methods in one controller: “index” and “causes”, which each
one has a view. I make my “index” view with stylesheets, javascripts
and images saved on their respective folder in /public. e.g.:

<%= stylesheet_link_tag “menu”, “style”, :media => “screen,
projection” %>
<%= javascript_include_tag “swfobject” %>

I put the all that in the index view and it does it well.

I tried to do the same in the “causes” and… unfortunately it fails.

I don’t know what happened. Can you please help me? I need to
understand what’s wrong?


The N.

I tried to do the same in the “causes” and… unfortunately it fails.

This of course leaves us with many options…

Would failed mean, that your machine crashed?
Ok, most likely it doesn’t render anything at all?
Or is missing to include the stylesheet?
Or the swfupload code?

Does it run the right action or what?

It doesnt’t show anything at all, at least the images, it doesn’t
matter they’re located in the right folder, they don’t show up in the
view. It’s working on the index method but not on the other one…and
I’m afraid that doesn’t work on the others. My PC didn’t crashed, just
the view.