Non-Image Upload

I’m new with Rails and I’ve been searching for a way to upload files
using Rails. I’ve only found plug-ins and tutorials for images.

Do you know any website/plu-ing/etc that can help me with non-image
file uploads?


I really like Paperclip. It’s a great plugin, and Ryan B. (of
railscasts fame) has a great screencast on how to use it:

It’ll do just about anything. In all the cases I’ve used it, it’s
“tied” to a model. For example, one place I use it is to upload PDF
documents for inventory on our company’s website. The model for said
inventory has a series of Paperclip fields. This allows my non-
technical people to update the database, and upload new manuals, all
through an updater application I wrote for them to do it all with.

Alternatively, there’s attachment_fu, which also works well. The main
difference (as far as I can tell, somebody feel free to correct me if
I’m wrong) is that attachment_fu requires its own model for tracking
files, whereas Paperclip does not.

So if you know you’ll only have X file attachments on a model, go
Paperclip. If you want as many attachments as possible for a model
and don’t care about dealing with a separate model for those
attachments, go attachment_fu.

On Jul 31, 12:17 pm, Gabriel B. [email protected]

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