Nomethoderror : undefined method post


I am trying out some examples form this book “Build Your Own Ruby on
Rails Web Applications”

I have two views app/views/story/01-new.rhtml and exact ditto
app/views/story/new.rhtml except the action is pointed correctly to
itself in both 01-new.rhtml and new.rhtml.

I started the server and I can access localhost:3000/story/01-new.rhtml.

but when I try to access localhost:3000/story/new.rhtml, it says
nomethoderror: undefined method ‘post’

I don’t have the code with me right now. but I can add it later.

I appreciate if anybody can help me out. the question is how come
01-new.rhtml gets rendered but not new.rhtml given both have same code

for 01-new.rhtml and


Hi Jyothsna Vu

It is normally route are
gennerated for new Please tell how did u generate all? Did u use
scaffold etc