NoMethodError (undefined method `model' for ContactControlle

First rails application!

I can not figure out all the details of how the method ‘model’ is
defined !

The error occurs when processing the statement:
model :contact
in the file app/controllers/contact_controller.rb

following the commands:
rails AddressBook
cd AddressBook
ruby script/generate model contact
ruby script/generate controller contact
… fix the db to use mysql … where the database table is created as

Error happens when I connect: http://…:8000/contact

→ file: app/controllers/contact_controller.rb
class ContactController < ApplicationController
model :contact
scaffold :contact

→ file: app/models/contact.rb
class Contact < ActiveRecord::Base

I think the rails forum is more appropriate for this message and I have
posted a copy of the message there. Regards, Keith T.