NoMethodError for SNMP::MIB.oid (newby!)

I’m using the snmp library for Ruby. My programs are very basic and are
developments of the example scripts in the documentation. At the moment
I’m trying to get an OID and thought that to do that I could use
but I get a ‘NoMethodError’ even though the oid method clearly does
exist. What gives? Thanks in advance!

PS What I’m actually try to do is to give “ifDescr” and get in return.

“Physician, [part] heal thyself”

Well, the reason why I was getting the NoMethodError was because I was
trying to use it as a class method whereas it is in fact an instance
method. So what I needed was something like:

newMib =

wantedOid = newMib.oid(“ifIndex”)

… but there’s got to be quicker way of doing that surely!