NoMethodError for select_tag


Hello there. I am following a tutorial with rails 2.1 and I have come
across a problem where

<%= f.label :artist_id %>

<%= f.select_tag(:artist_id, options_for_select([[‘choose one’,
‘’]] + @artists.collect {|art| [,]}, @album.artist_id))
%> (Old artist info:<%= @album.artist_old%>)


undefined method `select_tag’ for #<ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder:

however, when I just do a select, I can get a drop down menu that is
just much uglier

Coldplay ect...

Any suggestions?


On Mar 11, 3:06 am, “removed_email_address@domain.invalid” removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

undefined method `select_tag’ for #<ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder:

select_tag just doesn’t exist as a method on form builder. Either use / f.collection_select or use a bare select_tag.