Nokogiri: How to get the data from the following page?

Hi, I´m relatively new into programming and I´m trying to get the name, price, etc. from each product of the following link: “%category-title% günstig online kaufen bei Conrad”.

My Code:

require “open-uri”

require “Nokogiri”

require “csv”

url = “%category-title% günstig online kaufen bei Conrad

page = Nokogiri::HTML(open(url))

puts page

When I use this code I just get another Html Object back, which is not the same I see when I “inspect” the site through Chrome. So there is no price etc. included… I´ve also tried to download the site and then use Nokogiri. This is working, but it would be very hard to download each of the thousands of sites I need from this and other pages. Another question would be, how to use the pagination to jump from site to site, without copying every link.

Thank you!