Nokogiri 1.5.8 Released

nokogiri version 1.5.8 has been released!

Nokogiri (鋸) is an HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser. Among Nokogiri’s
many features is the ability to search documents via XPath or CSS3

XML is like violence - if it doesn’t solve your problems, you are not
enough of it.

Special thanks to Michael K. (@mbklein) for his help in preparing


1.5.8 / 2013-03-19

  • Bugfixes

    • (JRuby) Fix EmptyStackException thrown by elements with xlink:href
      attributes and no base_uri #534, #805. (Thanks, Patrick Quinn and Brian
    • Fixes duplicate attributes issue introduced in 1.5.7. #865
    • Allow use of a prefixed namespace on a root node using
      Nokogiri::XML::Builder #868

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