NOAA Decoder work in progress


There is also a cross-platform POES/GOES LRIT/HRIT spacecraft decoder
Screen shot

At the moment it does the following:

  • render NOAA POES HRPT imagery
  • render decompressed GOES LRIT/HRIT full disk imagery
  • realtime satelellite tracking and prediction
  • LPT rotor control support
  • antenna AZ/EL HID device sensor support

I have not yet bothered to make a HOWTO web-page but soon when it gets
warmer up here North…
It is built using Qt Creator

If you are interested, checkout the latest revision from and do a build
svn checkout

View the work in progress at

Warning, it is a VERY work in progress SW,

Very nice work, Patrik. I tried to build it on Linux and it was very
easy via qtcreator.
I’m very excited about all this new HRPT stuff in GNU Radio. Looking
forward to try it as soon as I can get my hands on a suitable antenna
and down converter.


Hi Alexandru,

I uploaded a test HRPT file to 10 MB
and a LRIT
4.6 MB

Select in the open dialog Files of type: GOES LRIT/HRIT (*) to display
full-disk image.

Johnathan got loads of sample HRPT files


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