No validation_context methods in Rails API. What for are they?

There is no validation_context methods in API. But the instance has

What are these methods? What do they do? Where to get info about them?

private/protected methods? What r u trying to accomplish?

2013/4/16 Wins L. [email protected]

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Gintautas S. wrote in post #1105766:

private/protected methods? What r u trying to accomplish?


I want to validate data from a form - an email string and a
password string. The Rails do not have special validator classes for the
common use cases (emails, digits, ip’s, etc), (please correct me if I’m
wrong but I couldn’t find any).

But there are some validators in ActiveModel and I’m trying to
understand what they offer and whether I can use them.

I do not use Rails ActiveRecord (–skip-active-record) and yet didn’t
created any models. I’m just testing POST requests, receiving password
and email in my “create” action method. And want to validate them. Is it
possible with the validators Rails offer?

You could use this gem to validate email addresses:

You should be able to use it without needing AR, as well.