No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql


I am a new jruby user. I am using jruby-complete-1.7.11
I have got a script which is connecting to MySQL db and fetching some

While executing I am getting error “No suitable driver found for

Need help to solve this error.

Doesn’t look like a JRuby problem to me. My guess is that the connect
also doesn’t work from pure Java - did you try this? In this case, I
would conclude that the MySql database driver is missing.

The reason you got this error is because you forgot to register your java mysql jdbc driver with the application.

Should be like this:


This forces the driver to register itself, so that Java knows how to handle those database connection strings.

You’ll have to read the manual on your specific mysql jdbc driver to find the exact string to place inside the the Class.forName(“…”) parameter.

Thanks for this case. I also have the same solution!

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