No such file to load?

I’m trying to set up my app on Linux SUSE, apache2 using fastcgi. Now
at http://host/ I’m able to see the greeting page (index.html in
public). However, if I try to access my app http://host/candidate/index
I keep getting in the log:

No such file to load –

Did I set my path wrong? What’s this

My test_controller.rb sits in /usr/home/nye/hire/app/controllers but why
is it looking in

Did I set my directory wrong in http.conf?

In http.conf, I set

DocumentRoot /usr/home/nye/hire/public


<Directory /usr/home/nye/>

Options FollowSymLinks

allowOverride all

Order allow, deny

Allow from all

I have a feeling that I set the above wrong… Help!


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