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Ok, ive been working on this!!

Ive got all the tables set up correctly as

, its all
in that sense. However, my one thing im not quite sure how it was set up
when you click the expand/collapse button it does nothing, however the
are as they were in the tabled version so presumably its living in the
JavaScript somewhere… That’s not a problem as im quite proficient with
but was wondering if someone could point me in the right place to look

Also, im going to implement the drag and drop items :slight_smile:



Daniel S. wrote:

the lists look like tables should certainly be a possibility - some
careful floating should get us there.

In one sense it’s a list, and in the other sense it’s a table. But isn’t
that true for almost all tables? Tables are also much, much easier to
style for this kind of thing. It gets pretty messy when you try to do
the same thing with floats.

Plus the fact that there are exactly zero libraries that allow the drag
and drop sorting of table rows - browsers are very hostile to such

That could be an issue. I haven’t done it myself so I wouldn’t know.

Also, a bit of an aside, but vaguely related - drag and drop of pages to
a different parent is probably not a good idea. I’m a big fan of “Cool
URI’s Don’t Change” philosophy, and would like to discourage such
movement of published pages. I’d like to have some sort of “move page”
option which will reparent the page and replace the existing page with a
redirect. But I’m yet to imagine how I’d like that to function in a
user-friendly manner. Someday inspiration will strike.

I like Ryan’s idea about that. I think it should be easy to rearrange
pages. But agree that it would be nice to encourage redirects for
published URLs.

John L.

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