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I am working on a Ruby TK GUI application and have a couple of

  1. I setup a Listbox widget, and inserted 4 lines of text into it. The
    clicks on any one of the elements of the list, which always holds the
    possible selections. My question is, how do I get the active list
    element to
    display with the highlighting appearance you would see as if it was
    on by the user? Right now, my list appears with no selected item until
    someone clicks on an item - I want the Listbox to be created at startup,
    filled with the selections, and then have the currently active element
    displayed in the same manner it would appear if it was clicked on. I
    how to set one of the four selections to be the active item, but I want
    user to ‘see’ this via the highlighting.

  2. Another portion of my project writes some text to a text widget. How
    do I
    set the cursor in the text widget at the first char position after the
    insertion is done? I know how to set the focus to that text widget, but
    cursor is at the end of the inserted text, I want to put the cursor at
    first line, first character position.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank You,

Harry T.