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See this topic:

The described method takes care that SCRIPT_FILENAME, PATH_INFO,
PATH_TRANSLATED, SCRIPT_URL, SCRIPT_URI are all set to correct values,
which is especially relevant for URLs like you described:


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Patrick [email protected] wrote:

Michael probably knows this already and is just upset. If we try to
deal with what is upsetting people, hopefully people can be retained

It’s hard to deal with what’s upsetting people if they don’t they us
what it is. This thread started with no Subject and a person who
doesn’t want to be on the list. He is simply trolling.

Just my 0.00000002 million dollars worth,

Programming is as much about organization and communication
as it is about coding.

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On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 7:26 PM, vamshi krishna dodla
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Thanks & Regards

So while I think that this discussion is really interesting, I find
email to be a terrible way to go about communicating these ideas. In
fact, we just had this discussion recently on the mailing list:


Would you be willing to set up a wiki page to convey your ideas here
better? I’ve started a dummy page for people to start discussions


(Also, I think you’re new to the community, so you’ll probably have to
create an account on gnuradio.org and then send either myself or
Martin B. an email to add you to the GNU Radio project so you can
then edit the wiki.)



the Costas-Loop makes sure the phase is corrected – within possible
ambiguity – for the slicer. For QPSK, this means that the constellation
points are mapped to the four points (on the corners of a square) as you
would expect, but there are 4 possible rotations how to achieve this.
up “phase synchronisation” for more details.

Have a look at the costas_loop_cc source code, in gr-digital.


On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 8:42 AM, Martin B. [email protected]

On 27.03.2015 07:47, Anil Gaddam via USRP-users wrote:

If you can point me to an existing OoTM of digital encryption, it would
be nice.
Is it possible to encrypt digitally in some way and decrypt using
existing blocks in gnu radio companion 3.7.6

There’s no encryption inside GNU Radio. If there’s encryption OOTs out
there, they’re not in PyBOMBS.