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Hello all,
I am working with turbo encoder and decoder. is there any method
check and verify the output of pccc encoder. I want to see the the
of pccc encoder for corresponding binary input. is there any way to do
also any body can help me to explain interleaver operation in pccc

Thanks in advance


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Dear Salija,

convolutional encoders are hard to check by hand. Typically, you’d try
to decode to verify.
PCCCs can be made systematic, I’m not sure that’s the case for the GNU
Radio implementation.

Regarding the interleaver: turbocodes rely on adding redundancy
calculated from the input data stream, and an permutated version of
that. That permutation is done by the interleaver. Without the
interleaver, you’d just have two times the same information added as
redundancy, and that wouldn’t really be an advantage over just using a
simple convolutional code that adds twice the redundancy.

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