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How do I know if I am running in full duplex for tunnel.py? Is there a
command line argument for that? I think I am running half duplex only
since only using the 1 antenna port. If I am running half duplex then I
am unsure why I would be having reflected packets.


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Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] USRP2 / Tunnel.py packet reflection
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On 20/10/2011 10:25 AM, David B. wrote:

When I use VLC to stream a video from computer A to computer B over
beginning originates from computer A. If the packet originated from
[ 63.63 ] Backing off for 0.008 sec
[ 63.72 ] Tx: seq_no = 100061 | len(payload) = 1448
[ 63.76 ] Backing off for 0.032 sec
[ 63.79 ] Backing off for 0.008 sec
[ 63.84 ] Tx: seq_no = 100074 | len(payload) = 855
[ 63.9 ] Backing off for 0.064 sec
[ 63.9 ] Rx: ok = True | seq_no = 100074 | len(payload) = 855
Does anyone have any idea why this could be occurring? I thought
maybe it would be a physical reflection but dont understand why ping
packets would not be reflected in that case.
There’s generally only about 45dB of isolation available between TX and
RX, so if you’re running in full-duplex, your receiver will see its
own transmissions.

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