No slug/breadcrumb for a parent page

Hi there!,

If i have a page hierarchy like this one:

|- B
|  |- C
|  \- D
\- E

Is is possible to have direct access to page "C" using the URL” instead of going through B with “” ? That
is, having no slug/breadcrumb for page “B”?


There are two ways I can think of.

  1. Create a rewrite rule in your webserver that does that for you. It
    could be a redirect or a plain rewrite.
  2. Create a special type of virtual page for B (somewhat like the
    FileNotFoundPage) that serves its children as if they are at the same
    level as itself. A would probably have to be involved as well.

#1 is obviously they easier one, but honestly, I’d just say put it in
the root if you need the page to be accessible from the root.


Thanks for the reply.

 I want to do this simply because of administrative reasons.  I

want some really-non-tech users to just see some pages in the admin UI
as described in this hack: