No Ruby script found in input (LoadError)

I just cloned a new Raills 3 project from git. The project is brand
new, although it does have some gem dependancies. I ran bundle install
and I got the dependancies in stalled. Bundle check confirmed everything
is there. But when I just the rails command (rails -v for example) I get

/Users/joBdsgh/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-preview3/bin/ruby: no Ruby script
found in input (LoadError)

This does not happen in any other directory except for the project
directory and any of its subdirectories. I created a dummy rails 3
project and I did not have this problem.

Any idea on what’s causing this error.


There are various possibilities that could be causing your problem.

I see you are using RVM. Since you are saying that this particular error
doesn’t occur in any other directory, it leads me to thinking that
the project has a .rvmrc file within its root directory and it’s setting
rvm for this directory differently as you normally have. So my first
suggestion would be to look for that file and see if that is the case.
when in the project directory, do try and do a gem list | grep rails and
ensure that it does confirm that rails is installed.

If that doesn’t help you, perhaps you should try and give us more
perhaps the complete stack trace.

Thanks & Regards,
Dhruva S…