No route matches "/users//comments" with {:method=>:post}

I’m now getting- No route matches “/users//comments” with
{:method=>:post} whenever I try to submit a form for comments that is
assigned to each individual user. The confusion thing is that I’m
doing all this on a “home” controller, so I always tend to miss stuff
here and there. (I’m trying to follow ryan bates beginners 15 min blog

So basically I used restful_authentication to get my login/logout, and
I attempted to follow ryan’s tutorial, but I’m getting funky errors
having to do with my variables not being defined, etc, because instead
of putting comments in the posts, I’m attempting to put comments under
each user generated by restful_authentication

so if i get No route matches “/users//comments” with {:method=>:post},
usually whats wrong here, and how can i fix it?? theres a wierd double
slash… >.<

Sorry, complete newbie, i need everyone’s help. :slight_smile: Appreciated