No route matches "/MyTest/" with {:method=>:get} error

I keep getting this error when I go to http://localhost:3000/MyTest/. I
created this controller inside Terminal and then I edited the
my_test_controller.rb file so inside it says:

class MyTestController < ApplicationController
def index
render_text “Please Help”

I also deleted the index.html file in the public folder and I have not
edited anything in the routes.db.

I’m not too sure of the problem, I was just reading and following a
tutorial to get started with Ruby. I don’t know what to do if I can’t
even get this to show.

Nvm, I figured it out.

Tom C. wrote:

Nvm, I figured it out.

Mind sharing? I am having the same problem and none of these solutions
seem to work:
Restarting WEBrick
Changing the routes.rb file (or leaving it as is either)
deleting the index file in the public folder

my setup is almost exactly the same except I have /reportcard/ and

Any help is appreciated.

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The default route to your report_card_controller.rb would be mapped
as /report_card and not as /reportcard