No route found to match "/cookbook/recipe/list" with {:metho


I ve just spent about three hours trying to figure this out, so any
help would be appreciated.

I ve followed these steps:

  1. Downloaded Instant Rails
  2. Unzipped it
  3. Ran “InstantRails.exe” to configure it. (path is c:\InstantRails)
  4. Went to the “Manage Rails Applications” area and chose “cookbook”
  5. Clicked on “Start with Mongrel”
  6. Mongrel was started and app was loaded on port 3001.
  7. I opened a browser and typed “http://localhost:3000/cookbook/recipe/

And I get this message:
“no route found to match “/cookbook/recipe/list” with {:method=>:get}”

Am I doing something wrong here? I appreciate your help very much.

I would advise you to try to type http://localhost:3000/recipe/list on
step 7, because u already launched project cookbook and there is next
rule for ruby on rails:
for u: server - localhost, controller - recipe and method - list

Thanks a bunch, Ravil.

Your suggestion fixed it.

On Mar 18, 2:31 pm, Ravil B. <rails-mailing-l…@andreas-

I’m not familiar with instant rails, but wouldn’t you want to use port
if your app was started on that port?


I have spent almost my whole Sunday to fix the problem:

“no route found to match “/recipe/list” with {:method=>:get}”, or
“no route found to match “/recipe” with {:method=>:get}”
depending on what I put into the browser.

I believe "http://localhost:3001/recipe/list should be the correct one.

I have tried everything and checked through my settings against the
tutorial many times. I still could Not solve the problem.

Could you please help where could go wrong?

Many Thanks!

On 3/18/07, VolteFace [email protected] wrote:

  1. Unzipped it

Am I doing something wrong here? I appreciate your help very much.

Browse to http://localhost:3001/cookbook/recipe/ and it should work.


Hi, if you’re using the default port, it should be 3000 instead 3001.
Thus, I would try using the following:
http://localhost:3000/recipe/list http://localhost:3001/recipe/list

Good luck,


Is the controller called recipes?

Then it should be localhost:3001/recipes

Thank you, Conrad!

After I started Mongrel, the application was loaded on port 3001.
Actually, my configuration steps were as the same as the 7 steps
provided in the orginal post of VolteFace at the top.

Any further information and advice on this could be very much

Please help and I really want a working installation to get me really
started with Rails.