No output from the Packet Decoder?

I’m hooking up in GRC a packet encoder to a DPSK modulator and then a
decoder to a DPSK demodulator and everything seems to be fine up until
output of the packet decoder. I got a signal going into it, but
coming out…either on a scope or file sink. I’ve played around with
threshold on the decoder (-2,-1, 0, 1, 2) but nothing. I called myself
looking but don’t see any examples on the Packet encoding/decoding.
got the encoder packet lenght set to 0 for automatic. I’m doing DBPSK
got the Sample/symbol set to 2 and bits/symbol set to 1. I looked at
the python code and it looks like to me you should be able to connect
the decoder and encoder directly up to the DPSK Mod/Demod…correct?


There is now a simple loopback example with dbpsk in the trunk

The example works, seems to be a little laggy, though that might be my
computer. I cant wait to use/implement some real message passing
interface blocks for the packet encoding and decoding. :slight_smile:


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