No metadata found in activereocrd-3.2.9.gem when running bundle install in a rails 3.2.9

m a newbie in rails. working on Windows 7, 64 bits. Installed my
environment through RailsInstaller. latest version ofcourse. When
a new project, (keeping the gem file as default) and having the bundle
install run, am getting the error

gem::package::FormatError: no metadata found in
and error occurrend while installing activerecord (3.2.9), and bubndler
cannot continue.
Make sure that gem install activerecord -v ‘3.2.9’ succeeds before

I tried to run the gem install activerecord…as instructed still bundle
install does not work and i cannot run the rails server. (rails s)

When changing the rails version in the app gem file to 3.2.8 instead of
3.2.9 everything seems to work and the rails server runs succefully.
is wrong?

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