NLize (Native Languageize Ruby's error messages)

Hi all

I’ve just released NLize.
NLize is an extended library that converts Ruby’s error messages into
native language using Ruby-GetText.
At this time, it only supports x86 Ruby (I’ve tested on Vista x86 with
msvc-60 and OS X 10.5 with x86 ruby), and has only ja/rubymsg.po and mo.
But already I’ve extracted the messages into pot file, so you can change
ruby’s message into your native language with some translation effort
and some Ruby-GetText knowledge.
The repositry already has Rakefile with update_po, make_mo task and
creating gem task.

The usage is very simpl, you only need to put “require ‘nlize’” line on
your top of the script, or invoking ruby with -rnlize option. Of course
if you’ll install it with gem, prior loading RubyGems is required.

I think it’s useful for novice programmer, so anyone who teaches ruby to
his students, co-workers etc, may have some interrest for it.

The sources are pushed in github.

Any suggestions, patches, pull requests are welcome.


arton [email protected]