Nio4r 1.0.0: high-performance cross-platform IO selectors for Ruby

nio4r provides a high performance IO selector API which lets you monitor
several IO objects for events simultaneously using a single system call.
It’s similar to, but keeps its state between calls.

Selectors thunk to the epoll on Linux and kqueue on BSDs, using libev
Rubies with C extension support (MRI, Rubinius) and Java NIO on JRuby.

We’re trying to get all Celluloid dependencies onto 1.x versions this
nio4r is the first! (unless you count timers, which is already on
That’s right, we’re freezing APIs and trying to get things solid.

Changes from 0.5.0:

  • Have Selector#register obtain the actual IO from a Monitor object
    Monitor#initialize might convert it
  • Drop 1.8 support


It’s discussed here:

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