Nihongo Benkyo 0.3


Hi all,

I’m pleased to announce that Nihongo Benkyo 0.3 has finally been


  • Support for Windows, in addition to Linux.
  • View further details about a result.
  • Kanji dictionary.
  • History and go back/forward buttons.
  • nihongobenkyo-import becomes an (optional) ruby extension.
  • Some bugs fixed.
  • Translations updated.

What is Nihongo Benkyo ?

Nihongo Benkyo is a Japanese dictionary and learning tool for Linux and
Windows. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive application that will
help you learn Japanese. It is free software, covered by the GNU
General Public License and provided without any warranty of any kind.

Nihongo Benkyo:

  • Is available for Windows, Linux and other Unix operating systems.
  • Imports JMDict, a word dictionary with a lot of interesting
  • Imports JMnedict, a proper name dictionary.
  • Imports EDICT, a format in which you can find many specialized
    dictionaries (science, computing, etc).
  • Imports Kanjidic2, a kanji dictionary with over 10,000 entries.
  • Finds words from Japanese (kanji, kana, romaji) or from a
  • Lists results in a table for quick overview.
  • Shows further details about a selected result (part of speech,
    similar words, dialect…).
  • Scans selection from other applications.
  • Keeps an history of searched words so you can go back and go
    forward easily.
  • Has its interface translated into bulgarian, english, french,
    japanese and spanish.


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