Nice UI Tabs - based on a click


I have a piece of UI, basically tabs. The number of tabs will be
variable. the tab itself will contain fields that will change
depending on the tab (pretty standard). The UI could be Ajax-like, or
just nice scriptaculous, or whatever works. Can someone point me in
the right direction? Also, I’m a newbie, so simple is better, although
of course I’m willing to figure something out.

Thanks so much in advance!


Try the tabs described in Chapter 2 of Bulletproof Web Design by Dan
Cederholm. They are simple tabs but you need to understand the html
and css behind them before you get to something complex. Try googling
the ‘Sliding Doors’ technique. One of the best websites for web
goodness is They will have loads about navigation

I haven’t used any ajax with my tabs but once you get the xhtml/css
concepts, adding RJS to do what you want with the tabs is no problem.