Nice Inspiration for IronRuby, online Codes


Here is a nice inspiration to put " IronRuby and IronPython Codes

Have a look here to work with plethora of languages.

Just go to and enter your code in any of the following
languages: C, C++, D, Haskell, OCaml, Perl, Plain Text, Python, Ruby,
Scheme, and Tcl. Once you’ve entered your code you then have the option
of either pasting and running your code to test it or just pasting it.
If any errors are found in the code that you have written, Codepad will
point out the error and give you an explanation of what you have done
wrong along with the line in which that error occurs. Also, after
entering your code, Codepad will create a page where you and others clan
go to test and collaborate.

This is a simple free tool that allows both advanced and beginner-level
programmers to test their code. Most appealing is the potential it
offers for group collaboration.

I hope some one will implement something like this for IronRuby /

On Fri, 18 Apr 2008 22:39:44 -0600, Rahil K.
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I hope some one will implement something like this for IronRuby /

They have, but in a way that in my own opinion is even better via adding
intellisense and various other interactive way to learn both the
programming languages supported by the DLR as well as features of the
Silverlight API itself. See: as well as for more


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Hi everyone,

I’m currently playing around with a few ideas based around this, I’ve
got a rough feature set sorted and free time allocated. I will share
more when I have more to share :slight_smile:

Out of interest, could you expand on “various other interactive way” for
me :slight_smile:



On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 4:54 PM, M. David P.