Ngx_set_misc v0.14: extending ngx_rewrite's "set" directive

Hi, folks!

I’m happy to announce the first public release of our
ngx_set_misc module, v0.14.

ngx_set_misc is an nginx module that extends the standard ngx_rewrite
module’s “set” directive to support various advanced functionalities
like MD5, SHA1, json/mysql/postgresql string literal quoting, URI
escaping/unescaping, default variable value assignment, upstream
hashing based on a custom key, base32 encoding/decoding, and more :slight_smile:

Please see the project homepage for more details:

And the release tarball can be downloaded from

Various (funny) use cases can be found in my “nginx.conf scripting”
talk’s slides:  (use the

arrow keys on your keyboard to switch pages)

I must thank my colleagues shrimp and calio for their work on
polishing this module in the last few months.

This module won’t be possible if Marcus C. does not publish his
crazy Nginx Development Kit (NDK) project:

And it’s a prerequisite for this module :slight_smile:

I know that this module has a really terrible name, but it’s been
there for months already :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve been using it extensively in our products of And is also using it heavily in their production environment.