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2011-12-27 VERSION 0.9
* Improve debug logging.
From Yichun Z. (agentzh).

* Fix compatibility with poll, select and /dev/poll event models.
Reported by Yichun Z. (agentzh).

* Fix compatibility with PostgreSQL 9.x.
Reported by Yichun Z. (agentzh).

* Fix compatibility with nginx-1.1.4+.
  From Yichun Z. (agentzh).

* Enforce writing of proper SQL queries by replacing "row "
output format with “text” and returning whole result-set with
values separated by newlines when using “postgres_output”

* Enforce writing of proper SQL queries by requiring result-set
  to contain exactly single value when using "binary_value" or
  "value" output formats when using "postgres_output" directive.

* Fix “duplicated last chunk” issue.
Reported by Silly Sad, diagnosed by Maxim D…

* Improve build-time PostgreSQL client library discovery process
  by using PostgreSQL's pg_config.
  Patch from Silly Sad.

Best regards,
Piotr S. < [email protected] >

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