Ngx_openresty stable version released


I am happy to announce that the new stable version of ngx_openresty,, is now released:

Special thanks go to all our contributors and users for helping make
this happen!

Below is the complete change log for this release, as compared to the
last (devel) release,

  • upgraded LuaNginxModule to 0.7.21.

    • bugfix: boolean values in an array table were rejected with
      the exception “attempt to use boolean as query arg value”
      while encoding a Lua (hash) table as URL arguments. thanks
      Calin D. for reporting this issue.

    • bugfix: ngx.req.raw_header() would return an empty string
      value when the default header buffer (“c->buffer”) can hold
      the request line but not the whole header. thanks KDr2 for
      reporting this issue.

  • upgraded EncryptedSessionNginxModule to 0.03.

    • refactor: fixed typos in the source code: replacing “3des”
      with “aes”; thanks Edgar Liu for reporting this issue.
  • upgraded IconvNginxModule to 0.10.

    • bugfix: failed to build on Solaris with the bogus error
      message “ngx_devel_kit is required to build ngx_iconv;
      please put it before ngx_iconv”.

The HTML version of the change log with some useful hyper-links can be
browsed here:

OpenResty (aka. ngx_openresty) is a full-fledged web application
server by bundling the standard Nginx core, lots of 3rd-party Nginx
modules and Lua libraries, as well as most of their external
dependencies. See OpenResty’s homepage for details:

We have been running extensive testing on our Amazon EC2 test cluster
and ensure that all the components (including the Nginx core) play
well together. The latest test report can always be found here: