Ngx_openresty devel version released


After about two weeks’ active development, the new development release
ngx_openresty,, is now released:

OpenResty® - Open source

Below is the change log for this release:

  • bugfix: applied the add_core_vars_polluting_globals patch to fix
    a bug in the nginx core:

  • bugfix: fixed the filter_finalize_hang patch for a regression in
    the image filters. thanks Maxim D…

  • upgraded LuaNginxModule to 0.5.0rc29.

    • bugfix: cosocket:receive(0) was not allowed and would throw
      an error saying 0 was a bad pattern. thanks huang kun for
      reporting this issue. This issue at least made
      LuaRestyRedisLibrary reject reading 0-size values.

    • bugfix: the set_by_lua directive did support nginx variable
      interpolation and there was no easy way to use the dollar
      sign characters in the literal Lua source. the
      set_by_lua_file directive still supports nginx variable
      interpolation in its lua file path argument. thanks Vittly
      for reporting this in github issue #111 and jinglong for the
      test in github pull #115.

    • bugfix: fixed compilation errors when PCRE is missing.
      thanks Dirk Feytons for the patch.

    • feature: added the “[lua]” prefix to the log messages
      produced by ngx.log() and print(). thanks Matthieu T.
      for the patches.

    • feature: ngx.log() and print() now output more debugging
      info, i.e., the current lua source file name (if any), the
      current source line number, and the current calling Lua
      function name (if any), into the Nginx “error.log” file. An
      example message is “[error] 56651#0: *1 [lua] test.lua:6:
      bar(): hello”. thanks Matthieu T. for the patch.

    • feature: added the rewrite_by_lua_no_postpone directive
      which can control whether or not to disable postponing
      rewrite_by_lua and rewrite_by_lua_file to the end of the
      “access” request-processing phase. thanks Matthieu T.
      for the patches.

    • feature: added new Lua method ngx.decode_args to decode
      URI-encoded query strings into Lua tables. thanks Matthieu
      Tourne for the patches.

    • feature: the special $prefix and “${prefix”} notations can
      now be used in the directives lua_package_path and
      lua_package_cpath to indicate the nginx “server prefix” path
      (usually determined by the “-p PATH” command-line option
      while starting the Nginx server. thanks Matthieu T. for
      the patches.

    • docs: various wording improvements in the documentation from
      Joshua Z…

  • upgraded RdsJsonNginxModule to 0.12rc9.

    • feature: added the “rds_json_errcode_key” directive to
      override the default “errcode” key in the JSON output.
      thanks Liseen Wan for the patches.

    • feature: added the “rds_json_errstr_key” directive to
      override the default “errstr” key in the JSON output. thanks
      Liseen Wan for the patches.

  • upgraded LuaRestyRedisLibrary to 0.09.

    • feature: the “hmset” method can now take a key and a
      hash-like table as its arguments. thanks Brian A. for the

    • docs: fixed a typo found by Lance in “README”.

The HTML version for this change log can be seen here:

OpenResty® - Open source

Special thanks go to all our contributors and users for helping make
happen :slight_smile:

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