Ngx_memc v0.11 released: small bug fixes and more documentation

Hi, folks!

I’ve just released the v0.11 version of our ngx_memc module:

This version applies the patch from iframist, fixing the zero size buf
alert in error.log when $memc_value is set to empty ("").

The ngx_memc module extends the standard memcached module to support
almost the whole memcached ascii protocol. And it can be used with
either the standard memcached server or other backends supporting the
memcached wire protocol like TokyoTyrant.

Maxim D.'s excellent ngx_http_upstream_keepalive module can also
be used with this module to provide a powerful connection pool for

See ngx_memc’s wiki page for more details:

I’ve also updated the wiki page for this release and documented
various directives like memc_connect_timeout, memc_read_timeout,
memc_send_timeout, and memc_buffer_size. (These directives are
inherited directly from the standard memcached module.)