Ngx_headers_more v0.10: ability to remove a header completely

Hi, all

I’m happy to announce that the v0.10 release of ngx_headers_more has
just landed:

This module allows you to add, set, or clear any output or input
header that you specify. Please see the full documentation for more
details: Headers More | NGINX

From this release, the more_clear_headers and more_clear_input_headers
directives can remove a specified header completely.

In earlier releases, clearing out a header usually just clears the
header’s value, not its key. For instance,

 more_clear_headers 'Server';



in the response headers. Now, it’ll be erased completely.

Non-standard headers like X-Foo can be totally erased as well.

The same change applies to more_clear_input_headers, where we can
erase an input header in the request object before forwarding it to a
content handler like “proxy_pass” or “fastcgi_pass”.

You’re very welcome to send bug report (if any!) or wishlist to us at