Ngx_drizzle v0.1.1: fixed segfaults on 32-bit systems

Hi, folks!

I’m happy to announce that ngx_drizzle v0.1.1 has been released. You
can download the latest release tarball from

This release fixed a long-standing segmentation fault on 32-bit
systems, as well as some other issues. Here goes the complete change

  • fixed segmentation faults on 32-bit systems. thanks @魏世江 and
    @stefanli for reporting this issue.
  • documented the $drizzle_thread_id variable.
  • added lots of debug outputs (enabled by the --with-debug option
    while building Nginx or OpenResty), inspired by github issue #10.
  • fixed issues regarding defining global variables in C header files:
    we should have defined rds_rough_col_type_t as a type rather than a
    global variable. thanks @姜大炮.
  • documented the python → python3 pitfall while building libdrizzle
    1.0 on at least ArchLinux.
  • fixed the automatic libdrizzle searching algorithm in the config
    file: now we should look under libdrizzle-1.0/ instead. thanks 支家乐
    (Calio) for reporting this issue.

ngx_drizzle is an nginx upstream module integrating libdrizzle into
Nginx in a non-blocking and streamming way.

Essentially it provides a very efficient and flexible way for nginx
internals to access MySQL, Drizzle, as well as other RDBMS’s that
support the Drizzle or MySQL wired protocol. Also it can serve as a
direct REST interface to those RDBMS backends.

This module does not generate human-readable outputs, rather, in a
binary format called Resty-DBD-Stream (RDS) designed by ourselves. You
usually need other components, like ngx_rds_json [1], ngx_rds_csv [2],
or lua-rds-parser [3], to work with this module. See the RDS output
format spec for more details:

You can find the complete documentation for ngx_drizzle on Nginx Wiki:

and the latest source is on GitHub:

This module is also bundled (though not enabled by default) by the
ngx_openresty bundle:

You can check out this wiki page to enable this component while
building ngx_openresty:

Have fun!

[1] GitHub - openresty/rds-json-nginx-module: An nginx output filter that formats Resty DBD Streams generated by ngx_drizzle and others to JSON
[2] GitHub - openresty/rds-csv-nginx-module: Nginx output filter module to convert Resty-DBD-Streams (RDS) to Comma-Separated Values (CSV)
[3] GitHub - openresty/lua-rds-parser: Resty DBD Stream (RDS) parser for Lua written in C


2011/9/17 agentzh [email protected]

在 2011-09-19一的 13:56 +0800,Wendal C.写道:
    * documented the $drizzle_thread_id variable.

    binary format called Resty-DBD-Stream (RDS) designed by

Wendal C.

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Thanks for your great work of mod_ngx_drizzle!

太棒了,虽然不知道这个模块是做什么用的~ 还是要感谢一下~囧

Best regards,
Sharl.Jimh.Tsin (From China Obviously Taiwan INCLUDED)

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这可是非常好用的东西, 我现在的项目正在用,效率很高, cool~~

2011/9/19 Sharl.Jimh.Tsin [email protected]