Ngx_drizzle v0.0.7: now running on *BSD

Hi, guys!

We’re proud to announce the v0.0.7 release for the ngx_drizzle module

ngx_drizzle is an upstream nginx module that can help nginx talk
directly to mysql and other RDBMS backends that support the mysql or
drizzle TCP protocol.

This release includes patches from our new contributor Piotr S. to
make this module work with kqueue and other event models on *BSD
systems. (Now select/poll/epoll/kqueue all have been tested, but for
rgsig, the server will hang.)

Also, this release fixed a long-standing bug captured by Piotr that
the nginx process may crash when DB queries complete in a single run
of upstream function calls under high traffic.

We have also tested this module with the recent new release of
libdrizzle, v0.7 [2].

Release tarballs can be downloaded below


[1] ngx_drizzle home page:

[2] Drizzle Client & Protocol Library in Launchpad