Nginx windows issues


We have narrowed down to use nginx for one of future LSI product.
Currently, doing development on linux os. Windows is also one of the
major OS platforms required to be supported. I was going through nginx
online documentation, somewhere read the following known “nginx windows

  •      Are these still valid issues?
  •      What is the time-frame on fixing these windows issues & 

planned future enhancements?

  •       When do you think nginx will be ready to run as a WINDOWS 


Thank you,

Windows Known issues

  •      Although several workers can be run, only one of them 

actually does any work.

  •      A worker can handle no more than 1024 simultaneous 


  •      The cache and other modules which require shared memory 

support do not work in Windows Vista and later due to address space
layout randomization being enabled in these Windows versions.

Windows Possible future enhancements

  •      Running as a service.
  •      Using the I/O completion ports as notification method.
  •      Using multiple worker threads inside single worker process.