Nginx Vs Apache in Dynamic Page

The website is now running Nginx + PHP-fpm.

But I’ve heard, that Nginx (for static files) with Apache as a backend,
will be
faster. Because apache can nicely handle dynamic page.

Is that true?

Yes that’s what I’m asking… Which one is better for dynamic website

Apache can handle php-fpm too, but efficiency depends on php-fpm. I
think, better way is use one server.

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Did you mean better means easy and secure?


Easy isn’t a problem. Because nginx is easier actually :slight_smile:

I just wondering which is giving a best performance when serving a
dynamic page (trough php), php-fpm or apache

You’ll find results vary per application, but generally Nginx + PHP-FPM
performs better than Apache + Mod_PHP.
I’m not sure how this would compare to Apache + PHP-FPM or PHP-CGI.

I guess Nginx will be much better than Apache.

If we compare NGINX+PHP-FPM vs APACHE+PHP-FPM then PHP-FPM being
part, comparison need to be done between Nginx and Apache.
Nginx itself is way better than Apache as it takes very less memory.

Our server CPU never crossed 1.0 load level since we moved to Nginx even
with continuous rise in traffic. In Apache days, we had a cron job to
server every 24-hours!

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