Nginx vc9 support

Hello since php 5.3.6 now uses vc9 to compile the source code can nginx
do the same to have the integrity with latest PHP ?

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Nginx does not compile PHP code; PHP does (hint: Apache doesn’t either).


I just realized what you meant by “vc9” (wow, I haven’t used Windows in
a long time). Regardless, it’s unimportant. Nginx and PHP are two
distinct programs. Nginx does not load PHP as a module, it communicates
with it via FastCGI. Therefore it does not matter whether Nginx was
compiled Nginx with GCC, VC6, or VC9.


I’m afraid it does since it doesn’t works for me on 5.3.6 (vc9) but
5.3.5 compiled with vc6 works just fine.

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Just fixed it somehow. Well yeah it doesn’t matter if it’s compiled
under vc9 or not .
Thanks for help.

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so how do you fix the problem?

there isnt a problem.

I was turning on php wrong.

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