Nginx Upstream Check can not find the check servers on status page


We use the Nginx upstream check module 1 with the Nginx upstream fair
module for Nginx 1.2.2. Whenever we disable the fair module or compile
without the fair module we cannot view the healthcheck status page and
the following error is logged:

2012/09/03 13:20:48 [error] 28149#0: *1 [http upstream check] can not
find the check servers, have you added the check servers? , client:, server: localhost, request: “GET /healthcheck_status HTTP/1.1”,
host: “”


Hi, Markus,

The fair module need extra patch to work with upstream check module:

See README for detail.

If you don’t add any check servers, it’ll produce such errors.

2012/9/3 Markus J. [email protected]:

Hi 姚伟斌 ,

We patched the fair module as per the README. The thing is that the
health status page does not work without the fair module enabled. The
load balancing still works though. If i switch the fair module back on,
the healthcheck status page will work again.


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Have you also added the patch for the official upstream module in
:nginx_upstream_check_module/check_1.2.2+.patch at master · yaoweibin/nginx_upstream_check_module · GitHub

You should added this patch first.

2012/9/4 Markus J. [email protected]:

Yes, without that patch it won’t build at all if i remember correctly.

I have two Nginx nodes running the same config and build. They both run
fine and so does the healthcheck status page until i comment out the
fair configuration directive.

I’ll try to reproduce on another machine.


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