Nginx status: count requests before or after forwarding to backend server?


I have set up a nginx instance for static content that forwards dynamic
content to a backend Apache server via the upstream module. I use munin
to monitor both the nginx and Apache requests per second. Now I am
wondering how to interpret the results and how the nginx-status works.

If I have 10000 requests per second on nginx-status and 2000 requests
per second on Apache server-status, does that mean I have a total of
12000 request coming in on my server? Does nginx count a request that is
forwarded to Apache and increments its total number of requests in
nginx-status? Or does this mean that the 10000 requests per second are
what is handled by nginx, not counting the forwarded requests to Apache?

Thank you for your answer!

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Nginx counting all connections - from client to nginx and from nginx
to backend (apache/fascgi/whatever), so, nginx handle 10k req/s and
apache 2k.

Little simple math :slight_smile:

apache 2k
nginx proxy (connection client-apache, nginx as proxy) - 2k time 2 = 4k
nginx all connection 10k
nginx static connection, where backend is not involved (nginx all
connection minus proxy) - 10k minus 4k = 6k

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