Nginx-rtmp - lags of stream, big bandwidth on master

i have master server and edge nodes, what use pull function to restream.
Anyone streaming to master (rtmp) and its available in flash player from
website (from any edge node in cluster).

I debuging two problems some months without success:

  1. anyone streaming to master. to master connected ~15 edges. I thought
    that when one streaming its ~300kbps, restream to ~15 edges with 10
    streams its 0,3(Mbps)*15(edges)*10(streams)=~45Mbps
    But on master i have up to 300mbps bandwidth.

I am thinking wrong, or is the problem elsewhere?

  1. I have sometime problem with lags. In log its not anything, its not
    disconnect, but stream freeze to 1-2s. I mean its problem at source of
    streamer (streamers use primary FME to streaming), but it here exist any
    “solution” to confirm, where is problem?
    Any advanced logs logging bandwidth in any channel (and “log”, when 1-2s
    isnt any bandwidth on any channel), or anything smarter?