Nginx proxying luwak (http 1.1 to backend needed)

I wrote a mail to the list a few days ago where I was having trouble
proxying to luwak but not
to riak (see - it’s a database among other
things). The problem with luwak
and nginx is that luwak returns a chunked response and this is probably
where it goes wrong -
Nginx doesn’t support http 1.1 to backend. Luwak is kind of like a blob
store where the blobs are
usually files of any type - usually quite large in the several megabytes
to several gigabytes range.

Using Nginx for this becomes impossible without http 1.1 support to
backends and I guess I have to
look at Apache again which I REALLY don’t want to do - I love Nginx :-).

So, my question is, is there anything planned for http 1.1 support to
backend servers?

Kind regards,