Nginx performance/preference - FreeBSD 7 or Linux 2.6.x (both 64-bit?)

Currently I have nginx running PHP/fastcgi and normal static content
on a quad-core xeon 3220 w/ 4 gig ram.

I am looking at moving this to a dual-core xeon 3060 with 2 gig ram.

Would FreeBSD 7 (or 6, I suppose) be better than Linux for this? Each
server (there are 3) gets approx 33% of a few million HTTP requests
per day (1-2 million are PHP/fastcgi)

Thanks :slight_smile:

mike wrote:

I think FreeBSD would better, because nginx is developed with FreeBSD in
mind :slight_smile:
sure, you should prefer OS that you better know. There are very busy
servers with both freebsd and linux.


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