Nginx + passenger FAILSAFE dispatch error

I’m having a very strange issue with a freshly deployed Rails app on a
staging server. Up until this point all development has been done
locally. I just setup the staging server and pushed the code to the
staging server today, and have been getting strange errors that I can’t
seem to track down.

My server is a debian Lenny box and I’m using nginx + phusion passenger
to run my Rails app.

Some pages load fine, and others will throw a 500 server error. For
instance, browsing through product categories work fine but trying to
view a specific item (i.e. will
through the following error into my staging.log output.

If I try to login, I get the same error on all page actions. Which
leads me to believe that the issue might be related to user sessions???
but I’m not sure. Just for note, I’m using the Authlogic plugin for

I really have no idea what is happening or what error is actually being
thrown as the log doesn’t give much useful info in the stack trace. It
seems like the dispatcher might be having some kind of error? I really
can’t tell.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.