Nginx_mp4_streaming_lite updated

A bug-fix version has been release and can be downloaded in

Tested under:

  • CentOS 5.2
  • FreeBSD 6.2
  • Leopard 10.5.5
  • nginx/0.6.32 and nginx/0.7.19
    Both 32-bit and 64-bit

This module compiles but unlikely works on big-endian architectures.


  • start=0 (or 0.0) was allowed in order to send the re-indexed whole
  • a directio-related neglect was fixed.
  • mp4_directio directive was removed and the module now follows the
    directio setting.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Are you Peng Wu? or is your module related to his module? I am losing

Dear Thomas,

No. We are different person.
He released his code 4 days before me.


Best Regard,

Peng Wu

·¢ËÍÈÕÆÚ£º2008-11-05 04:37:15
ÊÕ¼þÈË£º[email protected]
Ö÷Ì⣺Re: [ANN] nginx_mp4_streaming_lite updated

Are you Peng Wu? or is your module related to his module? I am losing

I followed the instructions. The nginx compiled with the module, I
have added an mp4 directive to my configuration file, but when I
launch nginx, I get the error message: unknown directive “mp4”

Here is the output from ./configue:

adding module in src/http/modules/nginx_mp4_streaming_lite

  • ngx_http_mp4_streaming_lite_module was configured

So I assume the configuration worked well.

For some reason, I wasn’t launching the correct nginx binary. With the
correct binary, it works perfectly and I can stream mp4 files. Thank
you Jiang for this module.

By the way you can add a new compatible platform: PowerPC G4, Tiger
10.4.11, Xcode 2.5, and I’ll soon recompile the nginx on my production
server with your module (Debian Etch 32 bits).

You talk about a commercial full version that supports more mp4 files,
what are these files?

I’ll get back to you if I run in any trouble.

Nginx is now even more perfect :wink:

Best regards,

Wahhh!!! Why is my email address appearing in clear text in your
email at ???

Thanks for your response, anyway my PPC machine is only for developing
and testing, so I won’t push it to the limits, and PPC machines don’t
play h264 videos (that’s why I use your module) very well :smiley:

Thank you for your interested in the nginx_mp4_streaming_lite module.

I wrote and debugged the module in a MacBook Pro, but neither I or my
colleges don’t have a PPC envionment, so I’m afraid that I could not
help at
this time.

PPC is big-endian, so there will be some works related to moov.c which
assumes little-endian. I will try to do it if I could get a Sun SPARC

As to the commercial version, it supports more variants of MP4 files,
the non-standard ones.

2008/11/11 Thomas [email protected]

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