Nginx + mono + fastcgi?

Hi all - I am trying to port an ASP.NET web app from Windows to Linux
and front end it with nginx. However I’m not sure of the process

I installed mono packages with yum and that went ok.

But I’m not sure what to do next. From googling around it appears I need
to set up fastcgi somehow. However I no idea of what the process is.
Is fastcgi something I download and install separately (and if so, from
where and how?) or is it part of nginx already?

Then once fastcgi is available, how do I know its location to tell
nginx? I have seen some examples of the nginx config files that use
proxy_pass and fastcgi but I’m not sure what the path to fastcgi would

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Unless someone here is fluent with mono+fastcgi setup you’ll probably
need to Google or hit up a mono list. nginx speaks fastcgi, but does
not include a ‘server’ or anything like that, it simply proxies the
requests using fastcgi protocol to another daemon/server/whatever that
talks fastcgi as well.

I can’t find any good examples except people using Lighttpd’s built-in
FastCGI runner (which doesn’t work well anyway)

But this might be something here -

No clue what else though. Doesn’t seem like FastCGI+mono has been
popular - as of April 2007 people were still saying “Google Summer of
Code has a project for it” … like one did not exist yet.