Nginx module dev question


Hi all,
I want to implement the following feature:

  1. client HEAD request arrive , my module send it to an upstream.
  2. the upstream return response.
  3. my module check the response, if it is not the data I want, send the
    origin request to another upstream

I know the block mode will work. I want to know if there is
mode which will fit into nginx better?



I think you can write an upstream module to resolve it.

use the HEAD you get, to make a request, send the new request to the
upstream you want to sent, get the response, check it,

and then you can use ngx_http_internal_redirect£¨£© function to redirect
the origin request to another upstream you defined.

just do it, good luck!

2009/3/25 Delta Y. removed_email_address@domain.invalid:


Thanks for your suggestion.

2009/4/3 Yu.Cheung removed_email_address@domain.invalid